DMU Carry Box

O Gauge


Gauge 1

This is the ideal carry box for the modern image modeller with a two car DMU set.

It will carry two cars which locate in the twin track inserts in the base, which keep the cars safely separated. The cars are then trapped in place when you close the lid by the foam in the lid.


You may have a push-pull set i.e. one coach and one tank loco; this again is the ideal carry box.

These carry boxes are made to the same standard as the loco carry boxes.

All boxes are fitted with lift-off hinges to the lid, to allow safer and easier access for the placing or removal of your cars. All DMU boxes come complete with foam protectors.

These carry boxes are also ideal for storage of your coaches and rolling stock.


22" Two Car DMU O Gauge Price £60.75 each

26" Two Car DMU Gauge 1 Price  £74.75 each


Other sizes are available or made to your own dimensions.

Prices on request.

All boxes are subject to post and packaging costs:


   £14.00 O Gauge  

  £18.00 Gauge 1

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